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18 Apr 2019

This report provides an overview of the state of New Zealand's environment using five broad themes presenting nine priority environmental issues, which include information about why it matters, what has changed, and the consequences.

Discussion paper

25 Feb 2019

The purpose of this paper is to prompt and frame discussion during the first consultation period of the review, which will run from 25 February to 7 June 2019. During the first consultation period, the review will gather stakeholder feedback on the current classification including...


25 Jun 2018

This publication focuses on the proportion of underemployment for part-time workers. It brings in underemployment rates and levels to provide context. It explores personal, household and job variables, to build a picture of who the underemployed people are.


Data to 2017
19 Apr 2018

This report shows that, in some areas, soil and biodiversity are being seriously compromised by human actions. The evidence in the report highlights that the way land is used is contributing directly to erosion, and soil and water degradation, and is reducing the health and...


28 Sep 2017

Looks at the number and structure of jobless households in New Zealand, and examines some of the characteristics of the individuals living in these households.

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