This issue of the G20 Monitor examines the three priority ‘i’s of the 2015 Turkish Presidency: inclusiveness, implementation, and investment. It explores the basis for the ‘i’s, assesses progress made on the priorities to date, and suggests policies the G20 can pursue for each priority. It also explores the prospects for further G20 attention on global health governance in light of the Ebola epidemic of 2014.

Key findings

  • Turkey's efforts for the G20’s central growth narrative to encompass strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth are widely supported. The focus should now turn to on-the-ground outcomes that can be delivered at the leaders’ summit in Antalya in November, such as through structural reforms, actions to improve employment (particularly for women and youth), advancement of the international tax agenda, and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • The G20 also needs to demonstrate that it is ‘doing’ as well as ‘talking’. The delivery of the growth strategies that leaders endorsed in Brisbane 2014 is crucial to G20 credibility, and more can be done to engage the public in the accountability process. Establishing the Global Infrastructure Hub in Sydney will also signal that the G20 is taking action on investment.
  • The Ebola epidemic highlighted the importance of cross-border health security to long-term economic resilience. The G20 should develop a narrowly targeted global health governance agenda focused on improving WHO operations, enhancing health risk surveillance, and securing the development of medicines and vaccines that predominantly benefit the poor.
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