Climate Change Authority

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The Authority plays an important role in the governance of Australia's mitigation policies, undertaking reviews and making recommendations on:

  • the Carbon Farming Initiative, and
  • the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System

Reviews are undertaken on other matters as requested by the Minister responsible for climate change or the Australian Parliament. The Authority conducts and commissions its own independent research and analysis. All reviews will include public consultation and all reports will be published on the Authority's web site as soon as practicable after they have been given to the Minister.

Recently added resources

Draft report

8 Mar 2019

This paper provides an overview of climate change policies at the Australian and state and territory government levels. The paper also discusses climate change adaptation policies and Australia’s contributions to international climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Draft report

8 Mar 2019

This paper provides an overview of the current state of global climate change mitigation action by identifying countries’ pledges and commitments, outlining their policies and measures, and describing their progress. It also outlines international collective action and global progress on reducing emissions and meeting the...


21 Dec 2018

To develop effective responses to climate change and energy challenges, decision-makers in government and industry draw on a range of information. In Australia, the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation underpins this evidence base by requiring Australia’s largest companies to anually measure and report their...

Discussion paper

31 Jul 2018

This review will focus on the three key aspects of the national greenhouse and energy reporting legislation: emissions and energy reporting, the safeguard mechanism and the auditing framework. The review will consider if each of the individual elements is achieving its objectives, is fit for...


31 May 2018

The Climate Change Authority has released this report on its review of the National Wind Farm Commissioner. At the time the National Wind Farm Commissioner was established, the federal government said it would review the role in 2018. This review responds to that undertaking.

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