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Stephen Anthony is ISA's Chief Economist. Stephen is a highly experienced macroeconomist and fiscal policy specialist with over twenty years of experience. Prior to his current role he was the Director of Budget and Forecasting at the economic modelling firm Macroeconomics. He has worked as a senior policy officer at both the Federal Treasury and Department of Finance in Canberra in fiscal policy and budget analysis.

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Discussion paper

26 Jun 2019

This discussion paper highlights some of the challenges facing Australia’s energy network and makes the case for industry super fund intervention.

Discussion paper

2 Oct 2018

In the right circumstances, superannuation funds could provide capital for growth to SME’s and business more generally, complementing more traditional capital sources such as banks, according to this discussion paper.

Discussion paper

6 Nov 2017

This discussion paper endeavors to identify the underlying causes of housing affordability issues, and to consider some useful policy responses in the current and historical context.


29 Apr 2013

The conduct of fiscal policy as part of overall macroeconomic management is essential to underpinning growth and stability in the Australian economy.

The sustainability of fiscal settings and the efficiency of individual budget measures help to support consumer and investor confidence, to ensure governments...


10 May 2012

The 2012-13 Budget is historic for two reasons.

First: It details a fiscal contraction of around 3.1 per cent of GDP or $46 billion. That is the Commonwealth underlying cash budget moves from a forecast deficit of $44 billion in 2011-12 to a surplus...

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