Research and development in cyber security: academia, innovation and policy

5 May 2015


This paper sets out the topics and themes to be examined at the second and final workshop (hosted by the National Security Council) which discussed the challenges to Australian research and development in cyber security. 

The three main topics are:

  1. Australia’s role in cyber research and development.
  2. Skills, education and knowledge.
  3. Fostering Australian innovation.

More generally, the questions that this workshop seeks to answer are:

  • Could Australia’s research and development efforts for cyber security be better coordinated? Are there gaps in the current arrangement and what role does the Australian Government have in addressing them?
  • How can the Australian Government better support thought leadership on cybersecurity to drive innovation? What are the linkages between innovation in cyberspace and the Australian economy?

Through these topics, themes and questions, we hope to encourage participants to consider the future challenges facing cybersecurity. The Review will examine potential cyber security policies for the next five years. In light of this, effective cybersecurity policy needs to be formulated today to address tomorrow’s complex problems before they emerge.

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