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15 Mar 2015

In explaining policy reform, there is a tendency to assume that causes and outcomes are temporally contiguous and that the consequences of reform efforts unfold quickly. There is no obvious reason, theoretical or empirical, why this should be the case when considering the relationships between...


14 Oct 2014

Provides information, opinions and recommendations relevant to assessing the potential impacts of climate change on public health in Australia, as well as guidelines for decision-making in responding to these impacts.

It aims to:

draw attention to the potential impacts of climate change on...


16 Sep 2014

The health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is much poorer than the population as a whole. In order to address this disparity, the Australian Government funds Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) to provide a range of primary health care services to...

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23 Jun 2014

Executive summary

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is not a health scheme. The NDIS funds disability support and a range of related services designed to maximise the independence of a person with a disability. Health care is a specific exclusion. The NDIS...

Briefing paper

1 Apr 2014

Executive summary

Public patients are routinely being treated in Australian private hospitals. Some jurisdictions have large-scale, planned programs where private or not-for-profit hospitals are contracted by the public sector to treat public inpatients (for example, Queensland’s Surgery Connect program). Often, however, ‘contracting’ is...

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