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National economic and social impact survey 2018
20 Nov 2018

This report provides an insight into the struggles and difficulties many Australians face trying to meet rising energy prices, pay the rent and feed their families. ESIS respondents are certainly feeling the pinch and facing unprecedented hardships.


9 Dec 2017

At the root of the tens of thousands of stories that lead people to the door of the Salvos every year is the need for a stable home. This simple goal is foundational for family and community life. This submission explores how to make it...


National economic and social impact survey 2017
24 May 2017

This new survey of 1380 Salvation Army clients across the nation paints a very bleak picture of what life is like for a huge number of struggling Australians.


13 Jan 2017

In a healthy community, no-one would get stuck facing long-term disadvantage. We are all challenged by life’s ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, but for some people the ‘downs’ are much deeper and longer lasting. Early, intergenerational and locational disadvantages constrain opportunities and limit social mobility. This isn’t...


National economic and social impact survey 2016 - key findings Victoria
16 Oct 2016


The Economic and Social Impact Survey (ESIS) 2016 is the fifth consecutive national report by the Salvation Army exploring the levels of deprivation and disadvantage experienced by those who access Emergency Relief (ER) services in Australia. This booklet is an adjunct to...

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