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Independent review of supply side organisations and government intermediaries: volume 3 literature review

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This document reviews national and international literature and experience concerning strengthening the capacity of supply side and intermediary organisations. It synthesises lessons relevant to the Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia run by Australia's Departmentment of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The key question this literature synthesis aimed to answer is what can we learn from international experience about strengthening the capacity of Indonesian supply side and intermediary organisations to improve the production and uptake of evidence.

In answering this question the following research themes

were addressed:

• what is evidence-based policy?

• what is capacity strengthening?

• what is contemporary good practice of capacity strengthening programs?

• what models of intermediary organisations are there in the literature?

• what types of support mechanisms and funding models are available to donors and which are the most effective?

• what are the characteristics of effective supply side and intermediary organisations?

• how important are donor-grantee relationships?

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