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14 Oct 2016

The review was a detailed and extensive analysis into how the Department of Health & Human Services oversees and supports quality and safety of care across the Victorian hospital system.

It consulted widely, seeking the views and experiences of patients, clinicians, hospital managers and...


8 Apr 2016

About This Serious Transfusion Incident Report (STIR) 2013-14 summary captures two main categories of incidents — clinical and procedural.


4 Mar 2016

Collects information at the State, regional and local government area levels about the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of adult Victorians aged 18 years and over.

Preface The Victorian Population Health Survey is an important component of the population health surveillance capacity of Victoria’s...


1 Feb 2016

Victorians are waiting four years or more to see specialists in public hospitals, according to this report.

Introduction The Department of Health and Human Services has been working with health services to implement a patient level data collection for specialist clinics in Victoria....


15 Jan 2016

Provides data on sexual, drug use and testing practices related to the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmissible infections (STIs) among gay men.

Executive Summary The Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey is a cross-sectional survey of gay and homosexually active men recruited...

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