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With Web 2.0, platforms and usage have become dynamic, the lines between creator and user have become blurred, and social media facilitates networking and collaboration. These developments raise questions about whether this medium actually enhances freedom by enabling expression, or facilitates harms in new and more damaging ways.
Certainly, the Internet has become a medium of choice for the dissemination of hate speech, which is viewed by most countries around the world as sufficiently harmful to warrant regulation. But what of other forms of harmful speech online?
Hate Crimes in Cyberspace and Viral Hate: Containing its Spread on the Internet are two books that recognise how speech on the Internet harms, not just through traditional ‘hate speech’ but in new ways. Read Katharine Gelber's insightful article in the Australian Review of Public Affairs.
Title: Hate Crimes in Cyberspace
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Date Published: 2014
Author: Danielle Keats Citron
Title: Viral Hate: Containing its Spread on the Internet
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Date Published: 2013
Author: Abraham H. Foxman & Christopher Wolf
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