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17 Oct 2016

This report by the Bureau of Communications Research provides an overview of the communications sector’s impact and influence as a critical enabler of economic and social activity in Australia.

The report discusses three main developments that are affecting the sector, including the merging of...


8 Feb 2016

Access to open government data in Australia is economically important, as confirmed by multiple theoretical and empirical studies, with varying estimates of its net positive benefit. Some of these benefits include new data-driven products and services, increased operational efficiency in both the public and private...


8 Feb 2016

Digital technologies such as fast computers, portable devices, remote sensors, and ‘smart’ machines are key foundations for the transformation of businesses in almost all industries. They provide a platform for innovation and growth.

Earlier research at the Productivity Commission showed the accelerated use of...

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7 Jan 2016

The Bureau of Communications Research is helping to make communications sector research easier to digest through its collection of visualisations in the new Data Lab.

The Data Lab brings together facts and figures on the communications sector. Users can find, compare and share the...


15 Jun 2015

As part of its work on analysing digital productivity, the Bureau of Communications Research (BCR) has released the first part of a leading project to understand how digitisation affects Australia’s productivity and the nation’s economy.

A key tool for policy officers and decision-makers, the...

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