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26 Aug 2016

This paper uses farm-level data to examine resource reallocation in the Australian dairy industry between 1979 and 2013, and assesses the contribution of this process to industry-level productivity growth before and after deregulation reforms were introduced in 2000. We show that deregulation facilitated the reallocation...


4 Jul 2015

In this white paper the Federal Government sets out the environment needed to drive better returns for farmers, increase investment, job creation, stronger regional communities and economic growth.


17 Dec 2013

Agricultural commodity statistics provides a comprehensive compilation of data on the Australian economy and the agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries.

Agricultural commodity statistics presents current and historical data. Some historical series extend more than 40 years. To ensure the most relevant package of statistics...


23 May 2013

During the 2010 election the Gillard Government committed to developing Australia’s first National Food Plan to provide a vision for our food future. The National Food Plan is a roadmap for the future of Australia’s food industry. Australia’s food industry stands at a gateway to...


1 Jan 2013

The ability to carry water over between years can increase the efficiency of water use if the rules governing water storage and water allocations are well defined. This report examines water right accounting rules in the Murray-Darling Basin, specifically rules around water storage (also known...

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