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Australia is one of the most digitally connected places on earth, yet our nation is lagging in terms of our digital maturity. At the same time, consumers rate their digital experience with governments as the worst across all sectors surveyed.

According to both consumers and ‘digital opinion leaders’ surveyed by EY, governments at all levels have much work to do to advance digital. This extends across a number of key areas: investing in broadband infrastructure, supporting digital innovation and improving the way they deliver their own services. Without a committed focus on these areas, the nation’s ability to gain competitive advantage through innovative use of digital technology will quickly be eroded. Compared to other nations, we have stalled.

This is a view reinforced by Australia’s fall in ranking as a digital economy as reported by organisations including the OECD and World Economic Forum. Recently the Digital Evolution Index (DEI), created by the Fletcher School at Tufts University1, rated Australia as a ‘Stall Out’ nation in terms of digital evolution, meaning that we are losing momentum and at significant risk of falling further behind. It is critical that Australia reverses this situation. To address this, government must provide the leadership, commitment and investment required to empower Australia to develop into a truly digital economy.

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