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Policy report

30 Apr 2019

Suicide Prevention Australia works to create a better policy and funding environment for suicide prevention in Australia. This national policy platform advocates for immediate changes to government policy architecture.


23 Jul 2018

This position statement challenges Australia’s view of the role of mental illness when it comes to suicide prevention.


10 Sep 2016

Among its key findings, the report highlights that suicide is a public health issue in Australia with 89% of respondents stating they knew someone who had attempted suicide and 85% knew someone who had died by suicide.

Discussion paper

27 Jul 2016

This paper discusses the available data and statistics relating to suicide and suicidal behaviour in women, the most relevant risk factors for women, the subpopulation groups more at-risk, the impact of cultural beliefs and attitudes about gender, and the policy environment.

Discussion paper

10 Sep 2014

Overview: This paper provides a detailed assessment of Australia's progress in suicide prevention. Written in response to the landmark World Health Organisation report Preventing Suicide: A global imperative, the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention, led by Suicide Prevention Australia, looks at the report findings...

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