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Discussion paper

26 Nov 2015

Communications Alliance invites public comment on proposed revisions to Chapter 9 of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code 2012. This chapter describes the Code Compliance Monitoring Framework of the TCP Code.

The proposed amendments seek to provide additional flexibility for smaller service providers in...


27 Jul 2015


As has been stated in previous submissions to Government, the Associations acknowledge Government’s desire to protect telecommunications infrastructure and the information transmitted across it from unauthorised access and interference.

Indeed, Australian Carriers, Carriage Service Providers and Carriage Service Intermediaries (C/CSPs)...


11 Jul 2012

This Code is a revision of the registered Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Industry Code (C628:2007). The Code is to replace the C628:2007 Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Industry Code published by Communications Alliance in September 2007. The Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth) (the Act) encourages self-regulatory processes....

Discussion paper

1 Dec 2011

Over the past decade, the digital economy has enabled extraordinary technological innovation and evolution. The growth of the internet as a global distribution channel has also facilitated an explosion in the range and volume of content available online - from movies to music,...


2 Jul 2010

This draft paper identifies, from an industry participant’s perspective, the processes and interactions required to facilitate the migration of an End User’s existing telephony and data services onto the National Broadband Network.

It is expected that the contents will provide guidance to all...

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