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Discussion paper

An issues paper for Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia
15 Dec 2017

This paper examines the current and emerging evidence base regarding the continuum of responses for children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviours.

Journal article

15 Oct 2017

The objective of this study was to review curriculum documents produced in the Australia and United States contexts to assess their capacity to provide teachers and schools with guidance on educating primary school aged children about media analysis and media influence.


7 Aug 2017

There are calls for more training for teachers to help them deal with problematic sexual behaviour in primary schools.


1 Apr 2015

This study by researchers from the Wellbeing Research Group, Centre for Research in Education, at the University of South Australia evaluated how successfully the Safe Schools Hub (SSH) resource provides digital resource coverage for the National Safe Schools Framework (NSSF) by exploring: who uses the...

Journal article

9 Sep 2014

There are currently widespread concerns around the impact of media on children's healthy development. This study investigated whether music media influences young children's gender role and self-identity. Thirty-four Grade 1 children and 38 Grade 4 children participated in an experimental study to explore their attitudes...

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