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23 Aug 2016

Providing retirement income for the healthiest, wealthiest and largest demographic to ever reach retirement in Australia is a topic of increasing interest and debate.

How should an ‘adequate’ retirement income be defined across a vast group with diverse circumstances and requirements? What is the...


3 Sep 2015

As 5.5 million baby-boomers approach retirement focus is shifting to how superannuation savings are transformed into retirement income. Recognising that many retirees do not have an adequate level of financial literacy to make optimal decisions about how to do this, the Financial System Inquiry recommended...


15 Aug 2015

The Australian superannuation system will not reach maturity until the mid-2030s, when those on the point of retirement will have enjoyed the benefits of compulsory superannuation savings for their full working lives. Until very recently, the focus in superannuation has been on the Accumulation phase,...

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