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26 Feb 2019

This publication contains thirty short essays that cover a vast range of subjects, from the big geostrategic challenges of our times, through to defence strategy; border, cyber and human security; and key emergent technologies.


1 Dec 2011

This report suggests that with rising Chinese influence in the region, the US appears to doubt that Australia can deliver on South Pacific issues.

The Pacific Island members of the United Nations now meet under the rubric of the Pacific Small Islands Developing States...


28 Jan 2010

This report argues that it is time for a fresh approach by the Australian Government to prepare the grounds for a more effective re-engagement with the Government of Fiji. Eliminating some of the negatives in the current bilateral relationship is a necessary first...



1 Mar 2006

This looks like being the closest election in a decade, writes Richard Herr

PREMIER Paul Lennon announced on 17 February that his Labor government would take Tasmania to the polls on 18 March. Although this was approximately six months earlier than absolutely necessary,...


12 Dec 2005

The distinguishing feature of the Westminster form of responsible government is the virtually iron clad nexus between the elected executive and the parliament. Unlike other forms of responsible government, all ministers must be drawn from the membership of the Westminster parliament. Richard Herr considers some...

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