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26 Sep 2017

The Australian Parliamentary Library has compiled some statistics on the voting records of the minor parties and Independent MPs in both Houses during the first year of the 45th Parliament.


10 May 2017

This research paper is designed to answer some of those frequently asked questions about who was the first, youngest, oldest, most often (and so forth) in Australian federal politics. The focus is on records for the Commonwealth Parliament, although a few significant records relate to...


9 Sep 2016


This paper chronicles Commonwealth Members of Parliament (MPs) who are identified as having engaged in active service in the Australian Defence Forces during the Second World War, based on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs World War 2 Nominal Roll.

The list...


17 Sep 2015

Executive summary

This paper provides an overview of the issues and outcomes for the January 2015 election for the Queensland Legislative Assembly. Where appropriate, it draws on the Library’s earlier publication on the 2012 Queensland state election. The 2015 Queensland state election result...

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