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4 Dec 2019

This report analyses the sector-by-sector potential job and renewable energy benefits if eighty of Australia’s top companies moved to 100% renewable energy.


7 Nov 2019

This report outlines how environmental regulators plan to allow Equinor to respond to an oil spill in the Great Australian Bight by deploying a banned chemical cocktail that doesn’t work and is toxic to humans and marine life.


8 May 2019

This report analyses the extent to which the coal industry is embedded in Australian federal politics. It demonstrates how coal’s pivotal position in key networks of influence has enabled its interests to remain central to the climate and energy policy agenda of the Morrison Government....


A study of proposed deep-sea exploration drilling in Commonwealth Regulated Waters of the Great Australian Bight
18 Apr 2019

This independent report, prepared by Dr Tina Soliman Hunter for Greenpeace Australia Pacific, concludes that Equinor’s current proposal is too risky to proceed given the remote location, the harsh physical environment and the lack of surrounding support infrastructure to deal with an incident.


The impact of the NEG on carbon emissions and power prices
19 Jul 2018

This report models the impact of the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG) on Australia’s carbon emissions and on National Electricity Market (NEM) wholesale prices by 2030 under the Turnbull Government’s 26% emissions reduction target and a higher 45% target. The research shows that the government’s...

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