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18 Nov 2019

AusVaxSafety is a national system for monitoring vaccine safety in Australia. The report shows how people receiving vaccines, or their parents and carers, responded to the SMS about their health a few days after their vaccination at each schedule point in the National Immunisation Program...


13 Nov 2019

The Migration Assurance Framework (MAF) establishes principles that guide the migration process and sets out the agreed roles and responsibilities of all telecommunication industry parties for a seamless service transition to an NBN fixed line service for consumers and businesses.


Australian government drought response, resilience and preparedness plan
7 Nov 2019

Drought is an enduring feature of the Australian climate. It is a recurring and challenging experience for farmers and rural communities.The Australian government wants local farmers to continue to be successful and to maintain their competitive advantage.


22 Oct 2019

The primary purpose of the Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) is to stimulate Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, providing Indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy.

Discussion paper

23 Sep 2019

This discussion paper invites stakeholder comments on options for managing the redistribution pool of medical Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) and the initial redistribution process for 2021. This paper also includes the new assessment framework and guiding principles that will be used to evaluate all proposals...