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5 Feb 2014

In 2010, the French parliament passed legislation banning the concealment of the face in public in response to a highly publicised debate over the place of the full-face Islamic veil in French society. This essay explores the thus far unexamined relationship between Jewish-French philosopher Emmanual...



28 Feb 2012

Why are people afraid of burqas? For many, the answer is quite simple: they pose a threat to public safety because they might be used to disguise criminal intent. What seems like a pious woman might really be an Islamist man; there could be grenades...

Journal article

15 Dec 2009

Chloe Patton explores the issue of the religiosity of young Muslim women in Western societies and their capacity to make free and autonomous choices. The article discusses Hijab and the Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf by Australian feminist Bronwyn Winter. Placing Winter’s book in the...

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