Executive Summary

Do we think and talk about water only when we are in drought? Do we complain about the price of water, but are happy to pay $3 a bottle for it at the shop?
Do urban residents think differently about water to people living in rural and regional areas? Do consumers know enough about our water resources to understand if governments and industry are protecting our water supply in the future? These questions and more are explored in the Australian Water Consumer Outlook.

As the driest inhabited continent on earth, it’s critical we engage with and understand the attitudes of water consumers, water industry and government, and make water policy a priority.

Although many utilities undertake customer satisfaction surveys they often don’t ask broader questions to
gain an understanding of the consumer make-up
and leadership of the industry. Further, each of these surveys is conducted independently of each other, making it difficult to identify trends and variances of perceptions nationally.

The Australian Water Consumer Outlook presents the findings of the Australian Water Consumer Survey. The Survey was conducted online between 27 July and 3 September 2015 and received 3948 responses. The data gathered for the Australian Water Consumer Outlook provides a basis for further community-informed policy debate.

State based reports are also available at AWA's website

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