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The social sciences in the Asian Century

30 Sep 2015

The collection of essays brings together leading social scientists from the Asia-Pacific region. We argue for the benefit of dialogue between the diverse theories and methods of social sciences in the region, the role of the social sciences in addressing real-world problems, the need to transcend national boundaries in addressing regional problems, and the challenges for an increasingly globalised higher education sector in the twenty-first century. The chapters are a combination of theoretical reflections and locally focused case studies of processes that are embedded in global dynamics and the changing geopolitics of knowledge.


  1. Australia, the Asia-Pacific and the social sciences – Vera Mackie, Carol Johnson and Tessa Morris-Suzuki

Part I: Engaging diversity in the social sciences

  1. Australia in the global dynamics of social science: De-centring Europe and de-mythologising the ‘Asian Century’ – Raewyn Connell
  2. Beyond divisions and towards internationalism: Social sciences in the twenty-first century – Sujata Patel

Part II: Regional issues in the social sciences

  1. Inter-Asia referencing and shifting frames of comparison – Chua Beng Huat
  2. Beyond the culturalist problematic: Towards a global social science in the Asian Century? – Kanishka Jayasuriya
  3. Voices and choices in reproductive rights: Scholarship and activism – Sylvia Estrada-Claudio
  4. Beyond Consumasia: The neglected challenges  – Tessa Morris-Suzuki
  5. Rethinking economics in the Asian Century: The market and the state in China – Leong H. Liew

Part III: Australian social sciences in the Asian century and beyond

  1. Australia’s future in the Asian Century – Ken Henry
  2. Asia literacy: A deeply problematic metaphor – Ariel Heryanto
  3. Challenges for Australian higher education in the Asian Century – Simon Marginson
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