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Professor Alison Elliott has extensive research, teaching and policy experience in higher education and specifically in teacher education programs that prepare educators for teaching roles with young children in early childhood contexts and schools. She has expert knowledge of curriculum design, planning, implementation and assessment processes, and especially promoting optimum learning and teaching environments for younger children in regional contexts. 
Alison has had diverse professional experiences in education contexts in Australia and internationally. She has held a range of academic and leadership positions in the university sector  and is author of many early childhood and other education publications and reports. She is the long-time editor of the leading professional publication for early childhood educators Every Child and is on the Board of the Australian Children’s Educational and Care Quality Authority. 
Alison’s recent research and policy work has been mainly in regional and remote communities (in the NT, Qld and WA), focusing on strengthening professional learning and practice for teachers and other educators.

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Journal article

1 Jan 2013

Every Child puts the spotlight on the early years of childhood. Published quarterly, it contains informative articles on such issues as health, education and social trends, and also book reviews, profiles and guest statements from well-known identities. Articles focus on aspects of early childhood from...


15 Nov 2006

The provision of early childhood care and education services in this country is insufficient, fragmented, under funded and inconsistent, according to this report. Alison Elliott calls for a coherent, long-term national action plan and timeline to develop and implement an integrated, well-funded, regulated and managed...



11 May 2006

There’s not much for children in this budget, according to the Australian Council for Educational Research’s Alison Elliott

THIS week’s federal budget offers little in response to the growing educational, ethical and economic imperatives to provide high-quality early childhood programs. There is no...



1 Feb 2006

AS EARLY CHILDHOOD experts and commentators have often said, much current child care and early childhood policy is based on outdated ideas of parents’ workforce participation, family and workplace mobility, and what constitutes a ‘working week’. It also largely ignores the long discredited distinction between...


21 Nov 2005

Lawrence Ingvarson, Adrian Beavis, Charlotte Danielson, Louise Ellis and Alison Elliott for that graduates of the Bachelor of Learning Management degree believed that they were better prepared for the first year of teaching than graduates from other Queensland universities. That finding was supported by an...

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