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20 Mar 2018

The removal of Aboriginal children from their homes – and where to place them – is complex and fraught process, and not fodder for politics or morning television. Jacynta Krakouer and Sarah Wise explain.


26 Apr 2016

The Australian government has increasingly recognised the importance of quality early childhood education (ECE) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, as noted in a variety of policy documents such as the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Closing the Gap targets of the Rudd government in...

Literature review

31 Jan 2016

Since the educational experiences of Aboriginal Australians are often framed from a ‘deficit’ perspective, whereby the failures of Indigenous people to engage with the mainstream educational system are seen as the ‘problem’, an alternative approach to Indigenous early childhood education discourse is preferable. This alternative...

Literature review

30 Nov 2015

This literature review seeks to provide an overview of current understandings and discourse about culturally responsive teaching and cultural awareness in education in Australia. Although some of the literature considered within this review is from an international perspective, the purpose of this review is to...

Book review

19 Oct 2015

How can cultural responsiveness towards Indigenous students be truly embedded in teaching pedagogy and national standards? In this book, Perso and Hayward (2015) seek to provide teachers with practical tools for working effectively with Indigenous students in school settings. This book is written with the...

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