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Discussion paper

12 Mar 2019

Ensuring family members are ‘properly provided for’ following the death of a loved one is the focus of a review of estate laws by the Tasmania Law Reform Institute, which will look at whether ‘notional estate laws’ should be introduced in Tasmania. The review is...

Discussion paper

25 Feb 2019

This Issues Paper evaluates Tasmania’s current laws relating to the defence of insanity and fitness to stand trial, and seeks community input on these topics.


17 Dec 2018

This report recommends a major overhaul of Tasmania’s guardianship laws, which are outdated and need to be reformed to advance the rights of people with disability. It is the first comprehensive review of the Act since it came into force 20 years ago.

Discussion paper

7 Sep 2018

This paper evaluates Tasmania’s current laws governing the review of administrative decisions, and seeks community input on this topic.


22 May 2018

This report was prepared following a community consultation, which confirmed concerns that some aspects of the laws relating to consensual assaults are unclear, and do not reflect contemporary views about when the law should criminalise consensual assaults.

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