Elizabeth Kleinhenz


Dr. Elizabeth Kleinhenz, an ACER Senior Research Fellow, has directed and worked on many educational research projects of national and international significance.

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Literature review

31 Mar 2015

The review describes examples from different countries of practices in educational policy and teacher development focused on enhancing teacher quality. It identifies policies that support teacher development as well as the characteristics of effective pre-service teacher education programs and of high-quality professional learning programs for...



27 May 2008

A new paper by STEPHEN DINHAM, LAWRENCE INGVARSON and ELIZABETH KLEINHENZ outlines an ambitious proposal to revitalise teaching.

THERE have been a variety of (seemingly) simplistic, populist approaches to the challenge of improving teacher quality. These include “merit” or “performance” pay; payment by...


26 May 2008

Australia’s best teachers should be paid almost $130,000 as a key step in recognising their value to society and strengthening the teaching profession, according to this report. The authors also recommend creating two new levels of teacher certification beyond initial registration, to allow the best...


13 Jan 2008

Prepared for the Australian Government by the Australian Council for Educational Research in 2006 and released in January 2008, this report provides information on school leadership in Australia, including school governance, the links between leadership and learning outcomes, the attractiveness of the leadership role, and...


25 Jul 2007

This report is a critical review of the literature on the application of professional standards to teachers' practice. It looks at where professional standards sit in the complex mix of factors that can support teachers' professional capacity, how standards can support teacher learning, which models...

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