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Technical report

25 Feb 2003

This report discusses the technical details of the design, conduct and estimation methods of the Australian component of the 2000 International Crime Victims Survey (ICVS). Development of the ICVS commenced in 1987; its primary goal was to further international comparative research.


Journal article

1 Jan 2002

Based on data for local government areas in the mainland eastern states this study shows that crime rates are lower in local areas with high levels of participation on community-oriented activities; includes short section on Indigenous population.


1 Jun 2001

This analysis of 16,235 records relating to armed robbery in Australia between 1996 and 1998 finds that there were no differences in the type of weapon used by an offender of armed robbery based on the type of victim selected, whether an individual or anorganisation;...

Journal article

1 Jan 2000

NSW and Victorian data indicating some links between crime and regional development - crime trends in regional Australia - regions with stable populations, low unemployment, and robust economic structure display less criminal activity than regions without such advantages.

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