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19 Jun 2017

Crime Statistics Australia is an interactive gateway to statistics and information on Australian crime and justice issues.

Annual Report

13 Oct 2016

The AIC has had a number of notable achievements during the year in relation to the two key aspects of its work—the conduct of criminological research and the dissemination of research findings.

In 2015–16 the Institute conducted research on an impressive array of topics...


26 Feb 2016


While the volume and rate of individual crime types has fluctuated over the past few years, overall, crime in Australia has been decreasing. Australian Crime: Facts & figures uses information compiled from a broad range of sources to create an accurate and...

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1 Apr 2010

This is the first of a two part series on spectator violence at sporting events. Part one covers spectator violence at professional sporting events. The second will focus on issues of violence at amateur sporting events, particularly parents as spectators and the behaviours they exhibit....

Briefing paper

23 Nov 2009

Bushfires arson, like structural arson, is a strongly patterned activity. These patterns seem to be mainly determined by the interplay between socioeconomic and environmental dynamics.

Since the fundamentals of these two factors change slowly, bushfire arson tends to happen at the same time and...

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15 Feb 2019

The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of human trafficking and slavery in Australia, using the statistical method of multiple systems estimation (MSE).


6 Feb 2019

This paper describes offenders charged with the murder or manslaughter of their child(ren) in Australia between 2000–01 and 2011–12 to examine the prevalence of risk factors documented in the literature among custodial parents, non-custodial parents and step-parents.


14 Jan 2019

As the first attempt to analyse the criminal histories of organised crime offenders in Australia, this study offers insights into the extent, nature and seriousness of offending.


30 Dec 2018

This study examined the economic scale of the problem of identity crime and misuse targeting businesses in Australia. Although little research has been conducted to assess the scale and cost of this type of crime, this study provides estimates of the direct and indirect costs...


30 Dec 2018

Identity crime involving the misuse of personal information affects a large number of Australians each year, as well as businesses and government agencies. The financial and non-financial consequences experienced by victims are considerable, and data indicate identity crime continues to increase in Australia.


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