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11 Apr 2018

The AMA has called for a major overhaul of men’s health policy, saying a new, national men’s health strategy is needed to address the different expectations, experiences, and situations facing Australian men.


17 Feb 2017

The AMA public hospital report card presents key data on public hospitals published by the Commonwealth, year on year. It uses this published data to assess the performance and capacity of our public hospitals to meet the community’s need for hospital services.

The AMA...


28 Jan 2016

This report assesses the performance of public hospitals year on year, and their capacity to meet the community’s need for hospital services. It uses data published by the Commonwealth. It also reflects the experiences of the AMA doctors who work in public hospitals every day....


25 Nov 2015

Among the divides between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous people in Australia, the health and life expectancy gap and the stark difference in the rates of imprisonment are among the most well-known.

It is estimated that, on average, an Indigenous male...

Journal article

15 Aug 2013

This article finds that West Papuan refugees resettled in Australia report a wide range of premigration potentially traumatic events (PTEs) including human rights violations as well as symptoms of PTSD and distress.


Objectives: To document the extent and nature of...

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