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Melbourne data: City of Melbourne open data platform

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City of Melbourne’s open data platform features publicly available City of Melbourne datasets to explore, export, visualise or map.

Are you a Change Maker?

Are you interested in building evidence for a particular cause and influencing decision makers? You can use this data to make a difference in your community by:

  • analysing indicators and trends to understand how well issues you care about are being addressed
  • drawing out interesting evidence in order to advocate for your community and interests
  • combining datasets to create new knowledge, insights and applications

Are you a Researcher?

Are you undertaking research or planning to work with the City of Melbourne to undertake research? You can use this data to:

  • carry out simulations or modelling
  • as a base for secondary analytical research
  • to compare with data from other sources and from other cities

Are you an Entrepreneur or want to become one?

Are you looking to start a new service or business in Melbourne and want to learn from this data, or incorporate it into an app? You can use this data to:

  • solve community or societal problems
  • demonstrate an alternative way of providing a government service
  • start a side business or launch a startup

Are you a future focused Planner?

Are you scheduling works or coordinating events and want to know what else is on? You can use this data to:

  • explore and export data to create and test scenarios and hypotheses
  • plan effectively knowing what is happening around you
  • add this data to existing applications that you use
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