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4 Dec 2015

As detailed in the Army Modernisation Plan, Army modernisation is the transformation of the current Army into future Army such that Army remains a capable, credible and relevant force. Modernisation is achieved through a continuum of processes, decisions and actions. Modernisation includes the development and...


11 Nov 2015


The Army Research and Development (R&D) Plan is the foundation for collection and development of decision support information that underpins Army’s modernisation. The R&D Plan has an enduring relevance to the Army’s modernisation processes. The plan streamlines the Army’s research activities while...


22 Sep 2014

Drawing on best practices in strategic thinking about land power, this paper is intended to provide the Australian Army with the philosophical guidance for achieving its mission.


War and warfare continue to plague the human race. War remains the most complex...

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5 Sep 2017

This article describes how the unique partnership between the Army and the Australian Human Rights Commission was forged, and outlines the emerging themes across the combat brigades.


28 Jun 2017

This report argues that there is now a chance for Army to catch its breath and reflect more deeply and strategically about how it approaches gender issues in the longer term.


7 Sep 2016

Executive summary

Recent operational experience, operating ‘through, by and with’ security partners in Afghanistan and Iraq, has yet to be codified into Australian doctrine. To develop such doctrine, the Australian Army requires a conversation, drawing on analysis of best practice, personal observation and...


29 Aug 2016


The Australian Government intends to acquire land-based strike capabilities in the 2020s. While these sorts of capabilities are not new to many of the armies of the world, they signify a distinct shift in the character of the Australian Army, which has...


21 Jun 2016

Uses Israel's recent wars to identify issues relevant to the Australian Army’s preparation for future conflict.


Israel is in a state of continuous conflict, frequently of the armed variety, and not uncommonly achieving levels of violence that qualify as war. Significant...

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Journal article

19 Oct 2015


Social media and strategic communication sit at the heart of the war of ideas between the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the West. The West is critically vulnerable to ISIL’s use of social media, shrewdly exploited in the...


30 Dec 2011

This article articulates ten ideas for ADF support to disaster relief operations.

These ideas originate from the development of the strategic, operational and tactical plans for Operation QUEENSLANDER in order to ensure that the ADF can continue to fulfil Defence White Paper 2009 requirements....

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