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18 Jun 2018

Thermally uncomfortable outdoor environments can significantly affect liveability of cities. Australia is likely to experience between 0.6 °C and 3.8 °C increase in temperature by the end of the 21st century. In warmer climates, increased demand for indoor air-conditioning results in higher energy demand and...

Journal article

1 Jan 2016

During summer heatwaves, heat load exacerbates in urban heat islands (especially in hot climates) and threatens public life in cities. This paper examines the links between urban microclimates, outdoor thermal discomfort and public life through an exploratory case study. Heat resilience is highlighted as the...

Journal article

31 Dec 2015

Bali is well known as the Island of Paradise on earth. Its unique landscape and cultural practices attract large number of tourists from all over the world. Bali's cultural heritage is the main attraction for tourists and tourism is the main source of the local...

Conference paper

11 Dec 2015

The papers presented at the 2015 State of Australian Cities National Conference (SOAC 7) were organised into seven broad themes but all shared, to varying degrees, a common focus on the ways in which high quality academic research can be used in the development and...

Journal article

31 Mar 2015

Bali is well known as the Paradise Island on the earth. Its unique landscape and culture attract large number of tourists from all over the world. Due to large number of tourist’s inflow several new developments are taking place in Denpasar city to support tourism...

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