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29 Nov 2013

The State of Australian Cities (SOAC) national conferences have been held biennially since 2003 to support interdisciplinary policy-related urban research.

This paper was presented at SOAC 6, held in Sydney from 26-29 November 2013.

SOAC 6was the largest conference to date, with over...


18 Aug 2003

This Positioning Paper outlines a research program examining the emergence of tenancy databases - their uses and impacts - in the context of key issues of tenure management in the Australian private rental sector. Included in this paper is an outline of the range and...


1 Aug 2003

Tenancy databases are electronic databases operated by commercial market providers from which, for a fee, property managers can obtain information regarding prospective tenants. They are used to screen prospective tenants and so reduce property owners' exposure to rental tenancy risks. With increasing dependence on the...


27 Feb 2003

The private rental sector plays a key role in the Australian housing system. Its capacity to serve low- to moderate-income households, however, is constrained. This paper explores how low- and moderate-income private renters experience, perceive and indicate a need for "security of tenure".

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