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29 Jun 2018

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Richard Lowenstein’s acclaimed Dogs in Space , a fictionalized cinematic memoir of nominal bohemians in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. Set 6-8 years before the film’s release, Lowenstein utilised genuine participants in the events/milieu depicted, as well as key...

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Melbourne’s Bread and Cheese Club and postwar literary urban conservationism
18 Jun 2018

The origins of a conservation ethos in the urban Australia of the late 1960s and early 1970s is commonly assumed to stem from international influences. Yet there is also a local cultural element to this urban conservationism, the recognition, celebration and preservation of historic environments,...

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18 Jun 2018

Melbourne group Boom Crash Opera’s 1987 single ‘City Flat’ is a musically exuberant (though according to at least one critic, lyrically ‘fairly bleak’) single celebrating a sparse inner-Melbourne lifestyle in which limited means enhance and highlight minor pleasures: coffee, kitchens, hanging out. Now just thirty...

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Ruth and Maurie Crow then and now
18 Jun 2018

In 2016, Melbourne tea and coffee merchant McIvers began selling Ruth Crow tea, a product with a ‘gentle smoked flavour infused with vanilla’. The tea commemorated Ruth Crow as a North Melbournian, as a campaigner with a legacy in ‘just urban planning’ and as a...

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Locating the planning history of fast food chains
29 Jun 2016

The rise of the ‘fast food’ concept as it is understood in the 21st century is the result of a series of calibrations enacted over decades by business, society and technology. The expansion of fast food franchising has paralleled social and environmental change, particularly since...

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