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Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Capital cities like Melbourne continue to attract the majority of State population growth. This can create challenges for attracting skilled workers to, and retaining them in, regional locations. This paper reports on a survey of more than 1200 professional workers in the Victorian regional cities...

Working paper

17 Nov 2017

This working paper explores the changing nature of work and what this means for government, employers, and workers. In particular, it focuses on the implications of digitalisation for skilled migration in high-income countries such as Australia.


5 Jun 2017

While there has been much innovation over the past decade (and longer) to improve affordable housing, efforts have been isolated and not joined up across the system. A tipping point has been reached. There is a need and opportunity for a diverse group of committed...

Conference paper

16 Feb 2017

In the field of labor economics, human capital refers to the stock of knowledge or characteristics of a worker that contributes to their productivity. Investment in education and training of individuals can enhance their level of human capital and this will be valued in the...


8 Jul 2016

The exodus of young adults to capital cities is concerning as their loss has critical implications for regional areas.There has been a lot of focus on population loss in regional areas but less research attention has been paid to the people who stay in, or...

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