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29 Jun 2016

From the late 1920s to at least the mid-1940s, David Lomas Davidson (1893-1952) was the most powerful and influential administrator in town planning in Australia. As Town Planning Commissioner for Western Australia from 1929 until his death, his job was to implement the spirit and...

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15 Apr 2014

The focus of this paper is a comparison of the history of the governance and funding of regional public land acquisition in Perth and Sydney, with the case for the selection of these two cities established by a contrast of the methods used. Specifically the...

Conference paper

29 Nov 2013

The State of Australian Cities (SOAC) national conferences have been held biennially since 2003 to support interdisciplinary policy-related urban research.

This paper was presented at SOAC 6, held in Sydney from 26-29 November 2013.

SOAC 6was the largest conference to date, with over...

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