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17 Jan 2017

The field of youth sociology has been challenged to reconsider the role of parenting in the lives of young adults. This paper presents a multiple-case study investigation into young men’s transitions from school into further education in an Australian context.

Journal article

15 Sep 2015

The project reported in this chapter examined the subject of sustainable consumption from the perspective of early childhood educators and young children. This chapter focuses on the meaning of trans-contextual objects, that is, objects that pass between homes and sites of early education either materially...

Journal article

16 Mar 2015

Abstract: Based on interviews with Australian parents and service providers and examination of parenting resources, this study examined the respective influence of cultural nationalism and cosmopolitanism on parenting in the early years. This analysis found, contrary to research on children's social identities, that ideas of...

Conference paper

30 Nov 2007

The State of Australian Cities (SOAC) national conferences have been held biennially since 2003 to support interdisciplinary policy-related urban research.

This paper was presented at SOAC 3 held in Adelaide from 28 to 30 November 2007.

SOAC 3 was jointly hosted by the...

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