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Abstract: Since the formation of the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co.) in April 2009, the NBN rollout has been gradually announced following a range of engineering and logistic criteria. However, the early rollout gives the release sites a regional competitive advantage against other localities that might have to wait up to a decade to receive the same infrastructure. This leads to an important question about the socio-economic status of the release sites, and the potential impact of the NBN on the social discrepancy across the nation. The answer to this question then leads to a second question about the degree to which the NBN should be incorporated in planning and policy development for spatial justice. In an attempt to explore these questions, this paper examines the ranking of the sixty earlier NBN release sites in the Socio-Economic Indexes for Area, and Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia. Findings are in line with the recent research that emphasizes the role of infrastructure in intensifying social divisions.

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