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A plenitude, plethora or plague of plans: state strategic plans, metropolitan strategies and infrastructure plans?

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Abstract: In the last five years, planning strategies have been released for the five mainland capital cities in Australia. This paper examines them in conjunction with state strategic plans and infrastructure strategies in South Australia and New South Wales, with which they are linked in most states. These two states have probably the most complete and current suite of all three documents, although other states such as Queensland have recent proposals of this kind, sometimes closely linked. The question arises as to how appropriate each of these plans is in its own right, how effectively it supports or reflects the others, and how robust it may be in dealing with uncertainty and the transition towards sustainability. The paper examines the characteristics of each of these plans the ways they are linked, and how they affect each other. The paper concludes that each of these three plans is useful in charting a direction for change. But each is subject to changes of government, in community attitudes and environmental circumstances. Moderate modifications to them and their relationships might improve the longevity and effectiveness of such instruments.

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