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29 Jun 2017

This paper examines the role of court judgements on efforts in Australia to regulate the harmful use of alcohol.

Journal article

15 Feb 2017

There is often a disconnection between the creation of evidence and its use in policy and practice. Cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary partnership research, founded on shared governance and coproduction, is considered to be one of the most effective means of overcoming this research–policy–practice disconnect.

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15 Jul 2016

There is a need and desire to improve chronic disease prevention efforts across Australia. Increasingly, scientists are urging the use of systems thinking and its methods to significantly shift the way we think about, and intervene in, chronic diseases.

This research aimed to examine...


6 Nov 2015

Executive Summary

This review was established to examine the purpose of the internship in today’s health system and its effectiveness in equipping medical graduates to practise in a complex and changing healthcare environment. It also sought to examine the role of the internship...


30 Jul 2015

This review focused on the implementation of risk stratification tools. It found that the use of risk stratification tools in combination with a care management plan can improve patient outcomes. The use of risk stratification tools to determine components of a care management plan can...

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