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9 Feb 2015

Abstract: This two-part study tracks and measures the professional self-efficacy judgements of two cohorts of pre-service teachers (PST).

In Part One, the GTCE’s Code of Conduct and Practice (GTCE, 2009) was used to help form an instrument which tracked changes in the professional self-efficacy...

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28 Jul 2014

Over the past decade, primary/middle pre-service teachers at the University of South Australia have been employing socio-scientific issues (SSIs) as the basis of planning meaningful and connected science and mathematics experiences for students in low socio economic schools. We have used the philosophic and pragmatic...

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22 Dec 2013

In this study, the author developed a model to describe academic self-concept (ASC) in science and validated an instrument for its measurement. Unlike previous models of science ASC, which envisage science as a homogenous single global construct, this model took a multidimensional view by conceiving...

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30 Jan 2012

The GTCE’s Code , we argue, may be seen as an attempt by a government agency to resolve the political and ideological tensions that emerge in a society that grapples with the paradox of revering individual autonomy whilst simultaneously being dependent upon state-delivered services like...

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