David Spendlove


Having had a successful career in secondary education (for 13 years) in a wide range of schools, prior to entering Higher Education I was a Gatsby Fellow, head of department and a member of senior management with responsibility for whole school issues including monitoring, assessment and recording. Since moving into Higher Education in 2000 my work has involved policy, practice and publications in a variety of areas including Teacher Education, Technology Education and Creative and Design Education. Currently I am a member of two editorial boards (including co-editing D&TE:IJ) and in 2013 I received an 'Outstanding Contribution award' from the D&TA for my work related to Teacher Education.




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Journal article

9 Feb 2015

Abstract: This two-part study tracks and measures the professional self-efficacy judgements of two cohorts of pre-service teachers (PST).

In Part One, the GTCE’s Code of Conduct and Practice (GTCE, 2009) was used to help form an instrument which tracked changes in the professional self-efficacy...

Journal article

30 Jan 2012

The GTCE’s Code , we argue, may be seen as an attempt by a government agency to resolve the political and ideological tensions that emerge in a society that grapples with the paradox of revering individual autonomy whilst simultaneously being dependent upon state-delivered services like...

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