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7 Mar 2019

Through this research, older women have been given the opportunity to provide their insights and share their experiences about living in Melbourne. The research highlights seven key themes important to older women as they age, including social connectedness, financial security and family and generational change....



11 Aug 2016

The implications for women of the world’s rapidly ageing population are profound. The gender inequalities they have experienced throughout their lives cumulate and become more visible as they grow older.

Australia lags behind most other developed countries when it comes to the economic and...


3 Mar 2016

This unique and powerful report gives voice to the more than half a million older Australian women living in long-term income poverty. These women have given so much to the Australian economy during their younger lives as workers and carers but find themselves struggling to...


3 Dec 2015

A randomised controlled trial was conducted to examine the effectiveness of four psychological treatments for problem gambling:

cognitive behaviour therapy motivational interviewing behaviour therapy client-centred therapy.

The study, one of the largest ever conducted examining treatments for problem gambling, also included a qualitative component...


14 Oct 2014

Ageing in a multicultural Australia has been identified by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (The Foundation) as a key priority area going forward. The Ageing Well in Three Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities research project was an exploratory two-stage project which sought to discover...

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