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22 Nov 2018

This study identified five Australian housing markets that could use online technology to match highly specific ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’. The five markets considered are: swaps in public housing; disability accessible housing; low-cost private rental housing brokerage; apartment presales for low/mid income earners; and precinct-level urban...


4 Jul 2017

If one is really interested in providing more housing for people on low to moderate incomes, the community sector is the way to go – not public housing, argues Terry Burke.


27 Jun 2017

The great Australia dream of owning your own home is still alive despite the various problems plaguing housing affordability, new Census data shows.


18 Aug 2015

Energy use is integral to our lives. Without it, the standard of living Australians currently enjoy would be impossible. However this standard of living comes at a cost. Per capita levels of energy consumption in Australia are now some of the highest in the world...


5 Nov 2014

Executive summary There has been considerable media exposure in recent years to the contracting opportunities for younger people to become home owners, just as there was at the turn of the millennium. Rising dwelling prices were a problem then as they are now. The...

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