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13 Apr 2018

This exploratory study investigated the understanding and experiences of sexual coercion and violence by young women from African refugee and migrant backgrounds.


30 May 2016


This research project provided a national mapping and meta-evaluation of the key features of “safe at home” programs. “Safe at home” programs enhance safety and prevent homelessness for women and their children who have experienced domestic and family violence.

The first...

Journal article

9 Nov 2015

This article gives attention to furthering understandings about what being successful at university means to social work students, focusing on the perspectives of students who speak English as an additional language (EAL). It departs from approaches in the literature that focus on problematic aspects of...

Journal article

29 Sep 2015

This paper explores the contribution of a physical learning space to student engagement in social work education. Drawing on a constructivist methodology, this paper examines the findings of a survey conducted with students and staff in a social work and human service programme about their...


28 Jul 2015

This state of knowledge paper discusses the history and development of "safe at home" approaches, and the corresponding policy and practice context. It outlines current safe at home approaches in Australia and overseas and common program elements across jurisdictions.

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