Files in the National Archives of Australia withheld from public access in 2015

4 Jan 2016

This CSV file contains details of records held by the National Archives of Australia that were examined for release but withheld from public access in 2015. These files have an access status of 'Closed' in the NAA's online database.

The data of all files with an access status of 'Closed' was harvested from the NAA database on 1 January 2016. This was then filtered down to those with an access decision recorded sometime in 2015.

It's planned to make similar datasets available on an annual basis.

The fields in the CSV file are: barcode, control symbol, title, series, series title, contents dates, contents start year, contents end year, access status, access decision reasons (multiple values), access decision date (iso formatted).

The contents start year and end year have been parsed out of the original date string.

The access decision reasons are a list of the grounds on which access was withheld. These have been normalised to some extent to separate out references to multiple clauses of the Archives Act.

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