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10 May 2019

The Consumers Health Forum has released this scorecard on how the parties stack up, in terms of policies focused on issues including patient leadership and self-management, primary care, First Nations health, prevention patient-centred issues.

Position paper

23 Apr 2019

In this document, the Consumers Health Forum calls for the next federal government to take early action on three health priorities to set 21st century health goals for all Australians. Fundamental to the priorities is a commitment to closing the gap in health and disadvantage...


26 Mar 2019

On 1 April 2019, private health insurance begins the most extensive changes in recent years. The aim of this guide is to provide an easy-to-understand overview of the changes and point consumers to more detailed information that will help them work through the changes to...


A white paper
26 Nov 2018

This white paper is the Consumers Health Forum of Australia’s philosophy and aspirations for the future role of consumers shaping health. Over twenty consumers, researchers, clinicians and leaders at the forefront of health policy in Australia have contributed to the paper.


2 Oct 2018

This survey report found that consumers want support in finding accurate, effective smartphone apps for health and wellness, and they should be subject to an authoritative regulatory system that rates them for efficacy.

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