Open-data release of aggregated Australian school-level information: Edition 2016.1

15 Jan 2016

The file set is a freely downloadable aggregation of information about Australian schools. The individual files represent a series of tables which, when considered together, form a relational database. The records cover the years 2008-2014 and include information on approximately 9500 primary and secondary school main-campuses and around 500 subcampuses. The records all relate to school-level data; no data about individuals is included.

All the information has previously been published and is publicly available but it has not previously been released as a documented, useful aggregation. The information includes: (a) the names of schools (b) staffing levels, including full-time and part-time teaching and non-teaching staff (c) student enrolments, including the number of boys and girls (d) school financial information, including Commonwealth government, state government, and private funding (e) test data, potentially for school years 3, 5, 7 and 9, relating to an Australian national testing programme know by the trademark 'NAPLAN'

Documentation of this Edition 2016.1 is incomplete but the organization of the data should be readily understandable to most people. If you are a researcher, the simplest way to study the data is to make use of the SQLite3 database called 'school-data-2016-1.db'. If you are unsure how to use an SQLite database, ask a guru.

The database was constructed directly from the other included files by running the following command at a command-line prompt: sqlite3 school-data-2016-1.db < school-data-2016-1.sql

Note that a few, non-consequential, errors will be reported if you run this command yourself. The reason for the errors is that the SQLite database is created by importing a series of '.csv' files. Each of the .csv files contains a header line with the names of the variable relevant to each column. The information is useful for many statistical packages but it is not what SQLite expects, so it complains about the header. Despite the complaint, the database will be created correctly.


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